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Finding solid ground

As we refine the content for the Q4-2020 issue, we're finding some significant trends developing. Notably, we recognize how government places big retail ahead of small and medium sized retail; we see a significant growth in the mental health business; we reflect on how indifferent the Canadian economic development machine has been towards Canadian intellectual property rights; we experience the lure of remote working and the pleasure of infrequent commutes; we're split on getting together in large gatherings and wonder what's to come of the space they occupy; we see our financial institutions call in loans, putting pressure on businesses already dealing with significant disruption. In this issue our writers explore sectors that are in jeopardy, jobs that continue to change and what the near future might have in store for owners and operators of SME's.

There is a future and it's an innovative and creative one. Business owners and managers of SME's are needing to make some choices, and many are making decisions with the focus and strategy to position their organization for a new reality. These leaders are calm, smart, focused on function and want to ensure that their products are Canadian made.

Exchange Magazine will bring it all together. With a readership of business owners and operators who want to prosper, want to succeed and believe in responsible ownership. This issue is going to be an extremely well read and defining last issue of 2020. Advertise in the Q4-2020 Exchange Magazine Quarterly. Find out more by emailing

Jon Rohr, Editor in Chief

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