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Gifts from the Glen are treasure boxes of joy
By Jon Rohr
Inspiration for a new business comes in many forms. Liz Fryer of Waterloo has created numerous successful ventures after leaving a teaching career to focus on her growing family. In 2006 she co-created a fitness program call Drum Fit with partner Val Shah. After eight years in business with Shah, Liz sold her shares back to the company.

Recently Liz was inspired to create a new company called Gifts for the Glen (arthouseattheglen.ca). The inspiration came from receiving a unexpected gift that brought tremendous joy when she really needed it. It was the joy of receiving it that drove Liz to push to design a new product. Gifts from the Glen is a custom order, gifts box business designed to create inspiring moments within other people. A natural connector, Liz looks to connect people through their personal journey and authentic stories. Using her own experiences she has created a new business based on sharing inspirational experiences via the sharing of gifts.

Working with people she loves and admires, Liz has created a large gift box that contains more gifts inside. A great people person, she found that her passion for good friendships made the design process, a.k.a. her design innovation, seamless. The matching of an inspirational message with a equally inspirational gift just seemed to flow naturally. Her test market was a great success. Her feedback matched exactly what she expected. The surprised friends and strangers who have received her gifts box have given her overwhelmingly positive feedback. For some, each gift in the box was a new way to relax as the surprise was drawn out and made to last. It was the unknown gift, accompanied with the anticipated joy which built from the reading of the story prior to the unwrapping the gift, that receivers enjoyed. Some receivers of the gift took days to the entire box, opening one gift as a focal point at the end of each busy day. This is a small gesture with big benefits; Liz hopes that each gift will lift the spirit and allow gift receivers the time to break away form the daily grind. If only for that moment. One receiver read over and, over one of the several letters in the box. Her friend was in a dark place and the letter/story provided her hope and gave her strength.

Naturally inspired by this process, Liz’s new venture doesn’t feel like work. She loves putting the boxes together, with the support of many good friends. It’s then that she knows she is in the flow – “There shouldn’t always be work in your work,” she says. “You should do what you love and love what you do,” which is also one of the quotes that go along with a gift in the gift box.

Others who received a gifts box were so inspired to let Liz know about what a great idea she had, that the two had to race to tell her what they each thought of the gift they had opened together. Liz says that her key focus is on creativity and play; that we need to spend more time in our right brain, being creative, as it’s better for your mental health and your overall wellbeing. Her purpose is to connect people to an emotional experience that is fun, like finding a treasure box, giving a gift to yourself or to someone you might love, that is full of surprise.

Liz believes, “We don’t spend enough time playing, in our world. We are too stressed, we need more time to drop out and be present.” With Gifts from the Glen, “everything is meant to nourish the soul and excite the senses. It is a experience that is meant to connect us as much as give us break from stress of our daily routines.”

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